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The temperature drops, the light changes and I feel an ache in my chest when I think about the end of summer.

My lofty goals for the summer months this year: beach time, plenty of swimming and getting a wicked tan. Since I have been successful on all fronts I now turn my attention to Autumn.

I’ve always loved the fall (after mourning the end of summer). It starts with my birthday and ends with Thanksgiving and big family gatherings. What’s not to love? This fall I am looking forward to warm socks, knitting projects and weekends away.

Elimination Diet Features IFM

Every year I like to do an elimination diet. It allows my body a reset and I tune into the foods that I eat and their effect on how I feel. I often prescribe elimination diets to patients when they suspect they have a food sensitivity or they have classic symptoms related to food sensitivities such as digestive or skin issues. This week I will start my second elimination diet of the year.

In February of this year, I started an elimination diet only to have it crash and burn about 1.5 weeks in. It wasn’t the right time; I was between houses and had many social engagements. This autumn I am much better prepared. So here I go!

Success of your therapeutic diet depends on preparation. I give a lengthy guide and meal plan to all of my patients. Here at Qi: Dr. Joanna Rosenfeld also has a simple cookbook that offers great ideas and recipes to any patient starting their diet.

In preparation of my therapeutic diet, today I put together my shopping list for the first three days. This way I will have plenty of food options and will not feel like I am going without or feeling hungry. I will also make portions large enough for a few meals so that I don’t need to think or work too hard to feed myself.

The elimination phase of my diet will last 21 days – long enough to develop new habits eating a very clean diet. The most common food sensitivities will be left out (egg, corn, soy, wheat, dairy, sugar, red and processed meats). What remains is a varied diet, with whole foods and plenty of vegetables as the focus.

Wish me luck or join me! If you have any questions about how to proceed with an elimination diet or why even bother – call Qi to book in a meet the Dr (complimentary visit) or an initial visit if you are ready to dive in.


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  1. Jill says:

    Hi Dr. Erica,

    I was referred to you by Grace who is my RMT at QI. I’m interested in seeing a naturopath and have been meaning to make an appointment for a while, but things just go so busy this summer! I know you offer a complimentary 15 min visit, but I think I’m ready to jump into booking a first initial appointment.

    My concerns are that I’d like to get healthier, and especially focus on helping me deal with anxiety/stress management as well as my arthritis. I’m 26 years old and have made a lot of progress in changing my lifestyle to a more healthy one – but I’m always feeling down and overcome with low energy – so would love to see how a naturopath can benefit my health as it’s something I’ve never explored.

    I would love to hear back from you and please let me know how I can book an appointment with you at QI.


    • erica kubanek says:

      Hi Jill,

      I can absolutely help you. I have emailed you some details and how to book.

      Look forward to meeting you.

      In health,
      Dr e

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